If you're thinking about setting up a shop here is a few tips:

Tip# 1: Moving Heavy Equipment
It's back-breaking, arm-busting, teeth-clenching work. Eight months of scouring the classifieds, renting forklifters and five ton trucks, we somehow managed to pull it all together. At the end of the day, if you're planning to move a one ton Behemoth press HIRE someone. Believe us, it's dangerous and it'll save you the grief.

Tip# 2: Restoring
There was quite a few things that needed to be restored for the shop. If you are planning on using paint stripper or any lethal cleaning agents, make sure you have good VENTILATION. Ryan got sick for a few days after being exposed to some pretty strong paint fumes and cleaners. Every time we work in the shop there is always air circulating.

Tip# 3: Electrical
What do you get when you plug in a heater, printing press and a few lights? You get a fire that melts down your extension cord. It becomes even more dangerous when you have your papers and paint thinners really close to that fire.
So, make sure all your flammables are stored away safely, and ensure that you have enough power outlets in your shop so that you do not overload any single outlet.



The Move

Vandercook SP-15
We hired movers to extract this one out. The movers were stunned when they saw the two flights of stairs they had to go up and down.




  Chandler & Price 12X18 New Style
After renting a massive 5-ton Budget truck we headed down to Mt. Vernon to pick up this gigantic beast. It was extremely dangerous as the heavy duty straps that held the press down during transit snapped off, making the press almost fly right through the cabin wall!
  Original Heidelberg 10X15 Windmill
We definitely hired movers for this one, weighing in at a little under 3,000 LBS we decided we didn't want to go through another fiasco.

Challenge 22' Guillotine
Taking four guys and a U-haul, we barely made it home alive bringing this one with brute force.



Ryan spent the week sanding down 100 galley trays and painting them - yes, it was totally insane.

  Kelsey 6x10 Model U
Covered in spider webs and bird feces, we polished this one up and made it new!