Here's a few of the machines in our small shop. Were proud to say its been an adventure meeting printers and people alike to obtain these presses. We've been lucky finding these machines in the most obscure places and traveling the distance to bring them back to the shop.




1965 SP-15 Vandercook Proof Press
Built in: Chicago, Illinois
Found in: Vancouver / False Creek Condo Basement

We were lucky to find this highly sought after and difficult to find press stored for over 25 years in the basement of a Vancouver / False Creek condo storage room. The Vandercook prints with excellent detail and registration. Its only down side is each sheet that is printed needs to be hand cranked. We use this press to print many of our greeting cards.




1950’s Kelsey Model U 5x8 Platen Press
Built in: Merridan, Connecticut
Found: Normandy Park, Washington

The Kelsey hand press was pretty much the first available letterpress printer that a consumer could purchase. Easy to find on the market today, they are easy to use and take up little space. Today it is the equivalent to your desktop inkjet printer.


1920’s 12X18 New Style Chandler & Price Platen Press
Built in: Cleveland Ohio
Found in: Mt. Vernon Washington

Chandler & Price made 1000’s of presses during the 1920’s all the way to the 1960’s. Reliable, strong and weighing just over 1-ton, the press is sheet fed one at a time. Running on a ¾ horsepower motor, it prints approximately 17 pages per minute. Because of its large printing size, we use this press primarily for printing posters and broadsides.


1940’s 10X15 Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press
Built in: Germany
Found in: Portland Oregon

The Heidelberg Windmill press was and still is the worlds fastest printing press ever built. At full speed this press can print up to 60 pages a minute! The press was perfected at a time when letterpress printing technology was dying. Our Windmill press is a older generation press as noted by the SH monogram on the machine. We use our press for printing mostly large orders.


1890’s 30 inch Chandler & Price Guillotine
Built in: Cleveland Ohio
Found in: Edmonds Washington

This was most likely one of Chandler and prices first generation Guillotine cutter. It is the largest manual paper cutter they made and it proves it by weighing in close to 1300lbs. Our model still retains much of its gold leaf ornaments which adorn the press from front to back.